Play online chess for free.

Free Chess Club is a modern web-based interface for the Free Internet Chess Server (FICS) — one of the oldest internet chess servers with over 800,000 registered accounts. At Free Chess Club, you have access to online chess, puzzles, tournaments and analysis — right within your browser!
Alternatively, extend your chess experience beyond the browser with our cross-platform desktop client. Try out our Free Chess Club Desktop App:

Modern web client

Access the Free Internet Chess Server (FICS) without the hassle of downloading and installing a chess client. Free Chess Club's web-based client lets you play a quick game of online chess anywhere.


Maximum Chess

Learn to play chess, solve chess puzzles, participate in daily tournaments, play different variants at all levels, play with a computer and watch relayed games. Maximum chess—guaranteed!


Vibrant Community

At Free Chess Club, you are a part of a vast community of chess experts and enthusiasts, with free access to a host of channels involving engaging discussions on a variety of topics.

What a great interface for chess enthusiasts ... The best of web meets the best of chess.

MoosMutz - Senior Administrator, FICS

A new web-based interface for connecting to FICS has been needed for a long time. We really appreciate this work to make a new web-browser interface for FICS a reality.

mattuc - Senior Administrator, FICS

This looks really good ... This could clearly be the best web/mobile FICS UI.